Lone Worker and Management Systems for the UK

No matter what type of lone worker or employee management monitoring problems you have, whether short or even world wide coverage LoneRanger Systems can help. We also can supply and support Two Way Radios and Mobile Phones and Contracts...

 Lone Worker Systems:

demoThe Lone Worker and employee management system can handle all your employee management and workers and then some...


Mobile Phones & Contracts:

phonesWe have been supplying Mobile Phones and Contracts since 1998... and if we can help with the phone contracts we can often INCLUDE the Lone Worker software for free or low cost...

Lone Worker Radio Systems:

lone-workerWe offer a Lone Worker Two Way Radio System with man down facilities.... Check out this solution which has a range of 5-8 Kilometers....


Lone Worker System:

Lone Worker Safety and Employee Management Systems

demoOur new Lone Worker and Employee Management systems which we call the LoneRanger System is available DIRECT from us - check the LoneRanger System out. You will be glad you did... see exactly why this system is one of the best in the world today...


Mobile Phones:

Mobile Phones for Business

demoWe can supply and support ALL business phones including Blackberry, Android, Symbian, Microsoft Windows and most other business mobile phones. Linked with our LoneRanger lone worker solutions these systems prove unbeatable. Check HERE for more information...

Lone Worker Radios:

New Lone Worker Two Way Radios

demoNew Lone Worker Two Way Radios with 'man down' facility - Click HERE. Because we supply some of the biggest companies in the UK you can be sure that our pricing and support is second to none....

These are new to the UK so please do contact us for further information - we can trial equipment if necessary.


Worker Systems & Employee Management Solutions


With uncertainty in the business environment it's important to ensure efficiency and legislative compliance apply to your company. The right tools to achieve this are critical.

To achieve this goal you really need to be able to manage mobile workers and of course ensure that you meet all those requirements of applicable legislation. Our LoneRanger system is THE solution for this type of scenario and it works on a GPS enabled device called a HT Tracker Device.

The system gives you the tools to see issues before they become real problems for your company. Technology convergence is great without being difficult or technical to use. Simplicity and effectiveness with power is king!

These systems give you real control and insight to your business in real time and best of all the system can work right here in the UK, but is capable of following employees anywhere in the world for management, safety and security.


The system is available as STANDARD System and ENHANCED System and can include:

lone-worker employee-management
journey-management duty-of-care-compliance

Just click any of the images above to check out that particular aspect of the systems...


Example  Industries   Automated Solutions

Repair and Field Service

Sales and Management

Professional Services

Public Sector

Any Mobile Workforce

Mileage Claims

Worksheet Management

Driver Behavior

Key Performance Reporting


Please bear in mind that these solutions and industries are just an example of the features and because our system is comprehensive between STANDARD and ENHANCED we can tailor the system for most industries and solutions.

DOWNLOAD a PDF of our System.

Features include: employee management, worker safety and protection, journey, jobs, off site or remote management, duty of care by using gps technology in the UK or indeed worldwide. Health and Safety for business and corporates managing compliance, contracts and more.


Above is a video showing our Online Management System - (showing only the general features of the service) for our ENHANCED System. The enhanced system features can be added to our standard system at any time.

We also show and discuss other aspects of the product from the menu on the left of this page...

But if you need more information or have an enquiry either call us on 01782 537000 or fill out our
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Thank you for visiting this website and we look forward to talking to you soon.



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