LoneRanger Management Component

The LoneRanger management component allows your company to effectively manage employees and reduce operating coasts. There are also features that are commensurate with lone worker safety...


Lone Worker System:

Lone Worker Safety and Employee Management Systems

demoOur new Lone Worker and Employee Management systems which we call the LoneRanger System is available DIRECT from us - check the LoneRanger System out. You will be glad you did... see exactly why this system is one of the best in the world today...


Mobile Phones:

Mobile Phones for Business

demoWe can supply and support ALL business phones including Blackberry, Android, Symbian, Microsoft Windows and most other business mobile phones. Linked with our LoneRanger lone worker solutions these systems prove unbeatable. Check HERE for more information...

Lone Worker Radios:

New Lone Worker Two Way Radios

demoNew Lone Worker Two Way Radios with 'man down' facility - Click HERE. Because we supply some of the biggest companies in the UK you can be sure that our pricing and support is second to none....

These are new to the UK so please do contact us for further information - we can trial equipment if necessary.



LoneRanger Management Component



The Management Component

For our HT Standard System this online tracking is NOT included, but rather you can use mobile phones as a graphic and text solution to track HT Tracker units.

But for our HT Enhanced System the 'Management' component of our system is used through a browser - and we support most browsers available on computer and even browsers on a tablet or mobile phone.

From the console you have to log in securely and then all the features which are included in your package are available to you. There is no computer changes necessary whatsoever to use the HT Tracker management system.

The LoneRanger console is safe, secure and available 24 hours per day x 7 days per week.

Below we have some screen shots and examples of our online system.


Click for a larger image.

The above shows the basic monitoring screen - which unit(s) are being monitored, real time updates of system receipts and (in this case) a tracking on demand submission to the particualr HT Tracking device.



Click for a larger image.

This screen shot shows the user carrying the MT Tracking device and their location. Of course it could be a vehicle or an individual. Notice the alarm section on this page and the list of alarm that have occured for this user.



Click for a larger image.

This monitor screen shows an example of someone breaking the 'rules' as defined by the operator - in this case speeding in a vehicle, but it could be one of many different criteria which can be set in real time to the HT Tracking and SOS device.



Click for a larger image.

Above is an SOS Emergency Call in action in real time. Notice that the mobile phone is the first unit in the call list (of three phone numbers). Firstly the device(s) receive a SMS text confirming the SOS position, then, the designated phone receives a telephone call from the HT SOS Tracking device which is a 1 to 1 conversational audio call. If for some reason that the first phone was engaged (for example) then the system polls the next number until the call is made. All events are logged both on the device (up to 4GB) as well as on the online software for download as either comma delimited file or excel format file for later analysis.


If you would like a demonstration of our online 'Management' system please contact us on 01782 537000 or fill out our contact form and we will get back to you soon.























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