LoneRanger Systems available

Below is a short description of each of our levels of product available. Click the link in each heading to go to the relevant section of our website...


Lone Worker System:

Lone Worker Safety and Employee Management Systems

demoOur new Lone Worker and Employee Management systems which we call the LoneRanger System is available DIRECT from us - check the LoneRanger System out. You will be glad you did... see exactly why this system is one of the best in the world today...


Mobile Phones:

Mobile Phones for Business

demoWe can supply and support ALL business phones including Blackberry, Android, Symbian, Microsoft Windows and most other business mobile phones. Linked with our LoneRanger lone worker solutions these systems prove unbeatable. Check HERE for more information...

Lone Worker Radios:

New Lone Worker Two Way Radios

demoNew Lone Worker Two Way Radios with 'man down' facility - Click HERE. Because we supply some of the biggest companies in the UK you can be sure that our pricing and support is second to none....

These are new to the UK so please do contact us for further information - we can trial equipment if necessary.



LoneRanger Employee Management and Worker Systems


The LoneRanger worker and employee management system was developed using the latest in technology and hardware to ensure that your company easily manage employees.

The system is available in two levels as follows:


Standard System



The LoneRanger Standard System features our HT Tracker unit, which works by contacting up to three telephone numbers. These numbers will auto roll to the next number if the phone is engaged for example.

The system offers logging of all data on to a 'Micro SD' within the device and that data can be extracted to a computer for complete logging of the system and users experiences.

The HT Tracking system has a voice SOS control which works from the integrated mobile phone sim where the HT unit will call designated phone (up to three numbers).

This basic system by default does NOT use third party call centre's as there is no need for that option but allows the company to manage the alarms and other aspects of the service directly to telephones.

This is our STANDARD service, but for many customers it is really a very good solution with minimal costs with maximum solution for lone workers, other staff, children - indeed for ANYWHERE where personal safety is at issue.


Enhanced Online System



Our LoneRanger 'Enhanced' online system also features our new HT Tracker unit as well as a completely online GPS/SMS tracking system that reports a multitude of features, including complete real time logging of SMS texts, GPS tracking, ALL SOS and caller events and actions and much more. Any computer using the online tracking/SOS system needs NO CONFIGURING whatsoever to work satisfactorily. All data in the logs online can be downloaded to Excel or comma delimited by default.

The HT Tracking system has a voice SOS control which works from the integrated mobile phone sim where the HT unit will call designated phone (up to three numbers).

 For lone workers the 'Enhanced' Online System level can includes monitoring facilities of the highest level. Remember that if you need third party monitoring, then it's a simple matter to contact companies like 'Alarm Response Centre' and we're sure they can help.


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