Other Two Way Radios

We provide some of the largest (and not so largest) companies right here in the UK with two way radios - whether licensed or unlicensed so you can be sure our service and pricing structures are really good....


Lone Worker System:

Lone Worker Safety and Employee Management Systems

demoOur new Lone Worker and Employee Management systems which we call the LoneRanger System is available DIRECT from us - check the LoneRanger System out. You will be glad you did... see exactly why this system is one of the best in the world today...


Mobile Phones:

Mobile Phones for Business

demoWe can supply and support ALL business phones including Blackberry, Android, Symbian, Microsoft Windows and most other business mobile phones. Linked with our LoneRanger lone worker solutions these systems prove unbeatable. Check HERE for more information...

Lone Worker Radios:

New Lone Worker Two Way Radios

demoNew Lone Worker Two Way Radios with 'man down' facility - Click HERE. Because we supply some of the biggest companies in the UK you can be sure that our pricing and support is second to none....

These are new to the UK so please do contact us for further information - we can trial equipment if necessary.



Other Two Way Radios


Other Two Way Radios - leading brands

No matter which brand of two way radios you might need or whether the radio is licensed, unlicensed or even intrinsically safe walkie talkies we can help.

We supply some very large UK companies with two way radios so its no issue with pricing and our service is second to none.

Please ask us for references about any aspect of two way radios and the accessories and headsets which we are also extremely good at supplying.

Why not try us.

Please do check out other pages on this site for more information or of course call us on 01782 537000 or fill out our contact form and we will get back to you presently.






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